Animal Evolutionary Process

Animal Spiritual Evolutionary Process Channeled by The Lord, through Lilly "Animals are wonderful energy beings and do elicit enough vibration to emit an AUM Tone, and yet it is of a frequency totally with either two elements:  One being the Love Energy, (those of pets and domesticated animals), and Two, being of the Sacral Chakra Vibratory rate of the "survival energy bandwidth".  You see, each Chakra has a sole purpose and theme with it.  (See Chakras Article)  With each Chakra there is a tonal chord and each chord presents a tone that will have a vibratory rate.  Each vibration tone becomes at one with Creator at some point in time when they are brought forth through either the womb of the mother animal, and then cross-circuit with whatever vibratory rate bandwidth that it is representative of that species.  For example, the crocodile has the bandwidth of the Sacral Chakra solely.  It has nothing else, so it is interconnected with God through the Creation Energy, and has the Sacral Energy Vibratory Rate of the lower Chakra and has "survival" being its total sole vibratory theme.  It will emit a tone that shows it being of this category, too, if one is psychic. Vibration level of the dog or cat:  They have the Christ Energy blessing them within their pattern of vibration.  They also have the tone of the AUM, which also is stemming from the Christ Consciousness Energy.  So there is the element of the Tone of AUM present within their energy pattern, and rooted within themselves, thus making their energy BLENDED now.  They are a mixture of the two harmonic tones of the Sacral Chakra PLUS the AUM Tone of the Christ Consciousness Energy, thus the Love Energy is now inclusive of their species.  That doesn't mean to say that once in awhile a dog will cross into more solely the Sacral Chakra vibratory rate and become more "one with the Sacral Chakra", which would make them more into a wild state.  Pitbulls for example that suddenly and for no apparent reason can have this transference energy become enmeshed to the point that the Sacral Chakra, that survival energy bandwidth OVERRIDE the AUM Christ Energy Bandwidth, and for some electrical impulse fracture of the vibratory rate, they become engulfed in the cross-threaded much lower tone and become vicious.  Viciousness is a clear indication of the much lower Sacral Chakra Energy you see.  From their standpoint when they attack a human with this now "cross-threaded" energy, they are "defending themselves against an attack".  So they are now doing whatever they would as a defender of themselves, and are not realizing that there is no attack being made just by the person being close by.  So that is how that happens. Pets can grow and grow in their loving vibration, and thus eventually turn into the Cosmic Energy of the Soul, the Spirit, when the Lord needs more humans on the Earth, yet that is what is happening within several solar systems, not just with us here.  Primarily they are then taken into another dimension of the Arcturians, and then evolve through the process of elementary thought form beings and gradually escalate into the category of Homo-sapiens, after about one to two thousand earth years.  That is how that works, and is why there are now so many more human beings on the Earth than were in ancient times. Eventually evolution does affect us in our Spiritual Selves as well as in our Earth-Mind Consciousness on the Physical Plane of Earth.  Evolution does occur and still is an ongoing event". Copyright © 2007 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved