Third Eye Opening Technique


  By Lilly




First of all it really isn't complicated, you just KNOW STRONGLY in your mind and feelings that you already have your Spirit Body fully inside your Physical Body, and that your Spirit Body is an exact duplicate.  Here is an exercise technique:


1.  Say a prayer to the Lord for His participation and blessings in this effort. (When you put God first in all psychic endeavors, everything falls naturally into place).


2.  Sit in a comfortable chair  where you are able to be by yourself without distractions, and place your physical body's hands on your lap.  With your being fully aware and firmly believing, you calmly focus on and sense your Spirit Body. You reach over and touch your Spirit's right arm with your Spirit's left hand.  You sense the feeling of touching your arm and confirm and prove to yourself that you are able to do this. 


2.  You reach up  and touch your Spirit's face with both your Spirit hands, all without moving your physical arms and hands, as they are still resting on your lap. 


3.  Next you softly touch your Spirit eyes with both your Spirit's hands gently cupping your palms over your Spirit eyelids.  You can feel that  your Spirit Eyelids are closed, so you gently open up your Spirit eyes, feeling your Spirit eyelashes brushing up against your Spirit's palms.  You now can feel that your Spirit eyes are open just because you actually felt your eyelashes brushing your palms and now in the open position.  Try a few movements here, experiment a bit with opening and closing deliberately your Spirit Eyes, just so that you can feel the very soft sensation of the eyelashes brushing up and down against the palms of your Spirit hands.  You will be amazed at the very soft feeling of the eyelashes.


4.  Next of course is the effort of taking down your Spirit's hands away from your eyes.  You've just proved to yourself that your Spirit eyes are actually in the open position, so it's not anyone else telling you this, you yourself showed yourself that this is the case.  No matter if a 100 people told you it was true, just one single effort of you yourself doing something like this is much more effective for confirmation, see what I'm saying?  Actions speak louder than words. 


5.  The final step is to start using your Spirit's eyes to see with, as you now have nothing separating you from being able to see with them, as you have now confirmed.  You just ask God then to please be able to see all that God wishes you to see, as He is in charge of that.